The True Cost of Poor IT Support

No one is exempt from IT problems, but it’s hard to put a dollar figure to the actual hard costs to your business when IT problems occur. That’s because so many of these issues happen randomly and can be difficult to measure.

However, no business leader can deny that IT problems cost money. If you’ve ever had your day grind to a screeching halt because the Internet went down, email stopped working or some IT system suddenly “broke,” you know everyone stops doing productive work to try and replace the “flat tire”. In today’s microwave deadline world, that’s not good.

But how much do IT problems actually cost? Well, it depends on a lot of different factors that are specific to your business and to the problems you’re encountering. What we do know is that digital attacks are on the rise, costs of a ransomware attack have doubled (and only a few companies get all their data back, even after paying), and more and more small businesses are being targeted.

Even if you don’t factor in the soft costs of lost productivity from an inability to work, there IS a cost to you and your team when you’re constantly aggravated and frustrated because you can’t work.

If your sales department can’t make calls or your operations team can’t deliver on contracts, that’s a MAJOR source of frustration for everyone – including clients who are impacted by delays. It hurts morale, sales and client relationships (“Sorry, Charlie, I can’t help you because our systems are down…again”).

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