The Cyber Company that Cried Wolf

Sometimes I feel like the little boy who cried wolf, especially when it comes to the latest cyber attacks and breaches.  Do people really comprehend the ramifications if they were to personally get breached? Even worse if they were the one to cause their organization to get breached?

We warn about the cost of breaches to companies. We stay up at night worrying about when and where the next breach will happen. Daily we see breaches of large and small organizations, global organizations and local, but we keep hearing business owners say, “we are too small, they will never come after our business.”

With Suncor being one of the latest larger organizations to be attacked back in early July. We read they are choosing to replace all company laptops and devices because a company of their size is unsure if their devices are safe to use. Read that again! A large billion dollar company is choosing to replace all devices because they are UNSURE to what extent they have been compromised.

Not many companies are in any position to do that. What would it cost your company if you had to scrap everything and start from scratch because you were so compromised you would not know where to begin?

Fearmongering has never been a great sales tool, and since many companies do not feel the need to reassess things until something is broken, it does make many cyber security and technology companies feel we are crying wolf.

We want businesses to be aware, protected, and ready for when a cyber security incident does occur within their organization. There are numerous steps to ensure your business is protected; but having a sold Incident Response Plan (IRP) in place is a great starting point, along with educating your team on what the latest threats are and the ways they can help protect the organization.

Of course, we are always here to help set things up, as well give you a 2nd opinion on where you company is in regard to being open to cyber attacks. It’s free and confidential.